Saint Albert the Great Old Catholic Pro-Cathedral

The Old Catholic Diocese of the Transfiguration

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit St. Albert the Great Catholic Church.

10.   Catholic just not Roman Catholic.
9.     Birth control is ok.
8.     We believe that love is love no matter the sex of those in love.  
7.     We are radically inclusive.  Everyone is welcome regardless.
6.     No guilt. No shame.
5.     Thinking is allowed.
4.     You can believe in evolution.
3.     You don't have to get dressed up.
2.     No funny underwear required.

The Number On Reason:

Jesus wants you to come!!!!!

Mass 11:00 - Every Sunday Morning

Currently meeting at 2301 Rumrill Blvd, San Pablo, CA (the old Mac Arthur Community Church Building)  The white building with the cross on top at the end of the parking lot.